Tattoo Letterings on Thigh


7 responses to “Tattoo Letterings on Thigh

  1. What’s ‘tare lugnt’ mean? Aside from me not knowing what the exact meaning of this tattoo is – I still dig it!


  2. the meaning of “tare lugnt” is take it easy.. 🙂

  3. It means Take it easy.

  4. it means “Take it easy” in swedish 🙂

  5. Tare lugnt = Take it easy

  6. In case anyone would ever wonder again, “tare lugnt” means “take it easy” in Swedish. “Tare” is an abbreviation of “ta det” (take it)

  7. It is swedish and it really is “Ta det lugnt”, but it’s a shortening of the words. It means like “just chill”

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