Symbol of Hunab Ku Tattoo

5 responses to “Symbol of Hunab Ku Tattoo

  1. what is Hunab Ku? — well the tat is sweet any way, thanks for sharing

  2. Hunab Ku is the Mayan Supreme Deity and represents both the concept of monothe├»sm (one God) and the Universe as a whole too. It’s a symbol for unity and dualism.

    I’ve got the same tattoo between my shoulders. To me it represents the Source of all: Love. To me it also represents the spiraling evolution of consciousness, from duality (yin/yang) to non-duality. It also contains the four directions, the ‘antennas’ (like butterflies have, hence the reference Galactic Butterfly for the Hunab Ky symbol) are receptors for cosmic energy. I could talk weeks about this symbol… I’ve never come across a single symbol with more meaning in my life. When somebody asks me what it means I just answer with some of the information above.. but it’s SO much more than that. Words can’t explain.

    Hope to run into people with the same tattoo in my life and get to the same frequency immediatly because we both understand what it means without having to explain it.

    My ex-gf has the same tattoo on the same spot by the way.

  3. Here are some very good sources:

    Click to access GB_A4.pdf

    And I just read a beautiful explanation of Hunab Ku in German

    “Hunab Ku ist das liebende Herz der Galaktischen Urmutter.”

    Click to access Elomin.pdf

    Hunab Ku is the living Heart of the Galactic ‘Primal Mother’

    Another explanation is.. “(The Only) Giver of Movement and Measure”

    If you want to contact me… 11hunabku11 AT gmail DOT com or that username at Youtube.

  4. “Hunab Ku is het levende hart van de galactische oermoeder.”
    “Galactic Butterfly.”
    “All the consciousness that has ever existed in this galaxy.”
    “One creator of rhythm and movement.”
    “Center of the Milky Way Galaxy.”
    “The Only Giver of Movement and Measure.”
    “The Supreme God.”
    “Cosmis Transmission from the Galactic Center.”
    “God of the Gods.”
    “Cosmis Consciousness.”
    “Mayan Creator God.”
    “Universal Consciousness.”
    “Prime Organizer of our Galaxy.”

  5. hey man, kudos on the hunab ku tat. been contemplating getting this myself for a while now but i’m undecided. i don’t suppose i’ll come across another design that represents both duality and unity so i may end up with this one at some point. no rush.

    in lak’ech

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